Hiring The Right Talent for Your Startup.-ADS

Hiring The Right Talent for Your Startup.

Hiring The Right Talent for Your Startup.-ADS

Finding the right talent, recruiting, Hiring new employees is a crucial part of a startup’s growth. As the new hire plays a crucial part in shaping the organization. Thus it is very important to find the best candidates for the role in your organization. 

Hiring the best candidate is hard for any organization & business, but it’s equally hard for startups. Startups have to continuously and actively look for potential employees for their organization. In spite of the hundreds of options available, it can be difficult for a highly qualified candidate to choose your start-up.            

If you are wondering what could be the best ways to hire employees for the startup then here are a few points to consider.

Manage the applicants.

If you are advertising the job through the right platform with the right job description, you’ll get a larger number of applicants than ever and this will create issues during the hiring process. Many great candidates slipped and mails got lost, delayed in response from both sides, attachments buried and a few papers have been misplaced. And in the meantime, there is a huge chance of losing the potential candidate. It is advised to keep track of all these things in software so even in the future if something misplaces things will have the chance to get found. 

Look beyond resumes.

As a startup, you may be in search of an experienced or highly potential candidate. Well looking only on the resumes and deciding about the candidates in and out is just not right. Applicants in the world of digitization are present on different media platforms and update about their life and work. There are high chances of the applicants not mentioning everything on their resume. Linkedin is one such platform where most of the employees update about their work and work-related stories be it personal projects or professional projects. Emphasizing the candidate’s capabilities about the practical skill testing. Ensure that the candidate is willing to learn and ready to put in the effort. Because the person with the knowledge but without willingness is a waste of sources and time to hire. who doesn’t show enthusiasm about the work?

Remote Staff:

Since the world is moving to Hybrid working opportunities, some companies are still sticking it to the work-from-home opportunities to their employees. Hiring remote staff opens up a vast amount of talent that may not be present in the location you are present. Offering remote working opportunities attracts the best talents with no additional cost. For the candidate, the availability of remote opportunities saves them from the hassle of relocations. If you think remote work doesn’t work then you can switch to the Hybrid plan.

Unique Incentives:

It is good to know the tastes and preferences of your employees in advance so that you can give them the incentives based on their likes. Example Branded clothing, there are always t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags, water bottles given by the organizations and we all love such goodies don’t we?

Premiums/Subscriptions: if your employee is a nerd or loves streaming or loves music then it’s perfect to give the subscriptions and premiums of Netflix, Amazon, kindle unlimited, and Spotify. 

Plants: If any employee is obsessed with gardening and loves to be in nature or loves decorating their spaces then plants would be the perfect gift.

Book a Month: Any book worms? then you can offer the subscriptions to them from https://magicpin.in/blog/book-subscription-box-india/ 

Yoga Classes:  offering yoga classes to employees would be a really great reward since it helps them focus on the hectic schedules.

Music Lessons:  Has any of your teammates wanted to play piano, ukulele, or violin? Sign them up for the local music school and encourage their personal interest.

Encourage Wearing many hats:

Once you hire the right and potential candidate, do you think that your job is done? Encourage the candidate to take several opportunities with different and interesting work. Never discourage and say the words that you are not capable enough to take up that work. A bit of trust is all you need when you are offering new opportunities to candidates. If it’s the other way around then the capable candidate might lose the confidence he has for himself. Empower your team to always be multi-talented and work in all the fields that interest them. Never ever discourage them to take up the project and lead it. If they are capable you should give them the chance and guidance about the project then they will definitely give better results.

Interview and the questions that need to be asked:

It’s always difficult to hire the right talent and it’s too difficult to know what kind of questions to ask the candidates. It is not about the skills they have but, sometimes more or less it’s about the Natural Human tendency to know what kind of a person he/she might be & How well one can manage the things.

Few Interview questions need to be asked when hiring.
1. I have read your CV but tell me about your story.

2. Tell me about the hardest moment and how you overcome it.

3. One achievement of yours that you are proud of.

4. What motivates you.

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

6. What’s the biggest mistake you make?

7. What’s one thing that people have misunderstood about you?

8. How do you decide what to do next in your life?

9. What did you like about our organization?

10. Any questions for me?

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