How branding impacts consumer behaviour?

How branding impacts consumer behaviour?

How branding impacts consumer behaviour?

Consumer behaviour is evolving at a faster pace with new emerging technologies and the rollout of 5G, Digital world is changing the way consumers purchase products and negotiate with their brands. It’s becoming difficult for brands to distinguish between themselves and their competitors as customer expectations are rising continuously. 

Today’s customers are more challenged with everything from defining their own experiences, communicating to seeking out the solutions to their problems they want to do it all by themselves. 

According to the research done by many universities, people interact with brands in a way similar to how they interact with people.

“Successful branding is a story being narrated to your customer across all consumer touchpoints”

-Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Starbucks Secret to brand success:

Starbucks Secret to brand success: -ADS

The first Starbucks store opened its doors in 1971 in Seattle. The world has created how the world drinks coffee outside Home and office. Since the early 1990s Starbucks has strived to build the brand by offering the customers a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It has consistently and effectively handled all the outlets around the globe. While other companies concentrated on advertising. Starbucks decided not to advertise instead they chose to offer its employees and partners stock options and health insurance. They also started its customer insights which are quite different from the multi-million dollar marketing strategy. 

Their mission statement reads as

“To inspire and Nurture the Human spirit- one person, one cup and neighbourhood at a time”. 

Another pillar for Starbucks’ brand philosophy is to be a responsible and socially ethical company. It sources 99% of its coffee through Coffee and Farmer Equity (CAFE) practices thus halving its carbon footprint. 2019 Reports to shareholders, it has announced its aspiration to store more carbon than emitting and providing clean water. In addition to expanding its plant-based options, the Company also works towards eliminating food wastage in its supply chain. In order to do so, they invest in innovative and regenerative agricultural techniques which improve the quality of their source materials ensuring the taste, visual appearances and texture of foods served in its restaurants.

Amuls’ Secret to success:

Amuls’ Secret to success: -ADS

Amul cooperative was registered on 19th December 1946, due to the unfair trade practices, farmers approached Sardar Vallabhai Patel under the leadership of Tribhuvandas K. Patel. He then advised producing the milk and supply directly to the Bombay Milk Scheme instead of Polson (who did the same but gave them low prices). 

Its tagline reads as

“Amul, The taste of India” 

In 1966, Amul hired Sylverster da Cunha as the managing director of the advertising agency to design an ad campaign for Amul Butter. He Designed a series of hoardings with topical ads relating to day to day issues that how it all started. It was so popular that it earned a Guinness World Record for the longest-running ad campaign in the world. Amul’s revenue is 85% from butter, 90% from chocolate drinks, and 50% from cheese. They have literally changed the perception towards the brands in India. From a study conducted on customers of Amul, 52.5% of people bought their products due to quality and 30.83% of people brought them because of their brand image.

Cadbury’s Secret to brand success:

Cadbury’s Secret to brand success - ADS
Cadbury marketing campaign

In 1824, Cadbury began operating in Birmingham. In 2010, kraft foods bought the company, and it is now (Mondelez International).

Cadbury in India was launched in 1948 and is currently headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. At present, Cadbury India Operates in 5 categories- Chocolate Confectionery, Beverages and biscuits. Products include Dairy milk, Tang, Oreo, Bournvita. The company even collaborated with the Hindustan Unilever limited to produce the products such as quality walls, cornetto, oreo, gems. 

It basically follows the age segments for various of its products. The target audience for the Dairy Milk, Bournvita,5 star, Fuse & tang if for the kids. Products like Silk, celebrations are for the millennials. For adults, it has segmented the products like Bournville, Temptations, celebrations and icecreams.

It goes with digital marketing campaigns such as Dairy Milk’s Advertising campaigns, Oreos campaigns. As they cover all bases with their social media campaign, they improve it all over the place.

Amazing campaign:

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye- A dairy milk campaign.

India being rich in traditions and customs especially during the auspicious day taking this into consideration It has launched this campaign called “Kuch meetha Ho Jaaye” in which Cadbury India positioned the dairy milk as the sweet that could be consumed during the happy moments of our lives. It also shows how it makes it possible to celebrate the big & small moments with sheer joy, connecting with people, belonging with all age groups. This campaign was also endorsed by Amitabh Bachhan. 

Branding and consumer behaviours are the part and parcel of any of the marketing strategies. It basically has to understand the kind of customer they have. Research has shown that 77% of B2B marketers say that branding plays a vital role. Effectively upgrading the branding strategies for the target audience will be beneficial for the growth.

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