Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana Brewery Co.

This is a fictional design concept created for portfolio purposes, things we kept in mind while designing are –

  • This is a beer crafts company created by two young friends who met in college.

  • They love beer and wanted to create their own flavours so started a beer crafts company with their savings and family investment.


visualising the brand’s vibrant and psychedelic thoughts.

Scope of the project

  • Strategy

  • Identity design

  • Packaging

Brand attributes

To understand thoroughly our client we create stylescape. A stylescape is a way to demonstrate the client how a brand will look and feel.

  • Sacred

  • Psychedelic

  • Different world

Brand attributes​ -ADS

Inside the design

We had a deep-dive session with the team. The session was all about the brand, its story, the target audience, their needs, pain points etc.

best startup-branding-agency-in-india
Identity Design
best startup-branding-agency-in-india

User Profile

In other words, in your efforts to serve everyone. You’ll end up serving no one! Briefly, Nirvana Brewery’s ideal customer has qualities like

Their targeting audiences are young creative, enthusiastic, geeky people. who are kinda zoned out while working on their crafts. So this beer is a perfect product for making them lost in their creative crafts.



Our approach was to make the design look vibrant. So the design system consists of vibrant colours like red, blue, yellow and the primary colour is violet.
With patterns and shapes.

Identity Design

Identity Design
Identity Design


Packing Design Sample -ADS
Packaging Design Sample -ADS
Packaging Design Sample -ADS
Packaging Design Sample-ADS
Nirvana Branding- ADS
Packaging Design Sample -ADS
NIRVANA BEER Packaging Design Sample -ADS