Trusto Mockup -ADS


This is a platform connecting customers to the nearest vendor or shop. Most importantly their trusted store that’s why it’s called Trusto. 


Our goal is to create a visual identity system that can convey a brand’s vision to make groceries convenient –

  • Vision – Our vision is to be the most convenient solution for grocery shopping.
  • MissionBy connecting local vendors and consumers, we aim to create easy and convenient shopping a reality.

Scope of the project

  • Strategy

  • Identity design

  • Naming

  • Branding

Brand attributes

The brand is associated with convenience, trust, homemade food – 

  • Motherly

  • Nurtured

  • Empowered business

trusto styelescape

Logo Development

When designing the logo, we wanted to give it a humane look and feel.

Trusto Mockup

The Logo

This final logo is a humane typographical treatment of the brand name, which becomes the instant identification of the brand when it is seen. 

trsuto logo
trusto image

Finding the Type

Using Arial Round MT Bold font for headings and logotype gives a humane feel, and we chose Arial as a secondary typeface to complement the primary typeface and also has good visibility for the trusto app.

TRUSTO identity-design-

Identity System

The identity system was designed to assist in marketing recognition and to help brands receive a favourable first impression.

Trusto identity design
Trusted store Bag
Trusto grocery
Trusto groceries store - ADS
Trusto store


The brand is positioned for people who have little or no time to themselves and would rather spend their time with family or other important tasks.

Trusted groceries store - ADS
Trusto barcode - ADS
Trusto Mockup -ADS

Social Media

To build brand awareness and engage with the customer, we made strategies around daily life food, cooking, health challenges 

Trusto image